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Project Feed 500..

So We are now some 15 hours away from beginning something that has not been done in a long long long time, Project Feed 500. You may be asking yourself, what is Project Feed 500? Well it’s an effort that was started with a challenge given to 2 of our youth here in the Flora First Christian Church youth group this past summer at a CIY Conference in Tennessee. The challenge, plan a meal to feed 500 people in your community, no small task when Flora is only 5000 people give or take.  What was weird about this, the challenge was given to 2 sisters!  Well they started to plan it all out, see how much they needed to raise, and get volunteers. Then they set the date, which is Tomorrow December 18th, from 11-3 in the Fellowship Hall at First Christian Church located at 4th and Main here in Flora, a meal full of the holiday trimmings, Turkey, potatoes, Corn,Green Beans, Stuffing, and of course Pumpkin pie are on the menu. this meal is 100% totally free of charge, and open to EVERYONE that wants to attend. No catch what so ever.

As of 8:45 PM on Friday the event is STILL ON AS SCHEDULED, if there is any changes to that I will post an update as soon as possible.



Ahh yes the wonderful Turkey day is only a week away.  A day full of eating Turkey, Dressing, Stuffing, Cranberry sauce, Did I make you hungry yet????

There’s one thing that we DON’T think of a lot when you think of Thanksgiving. It’s what Thanksgiving is all about. it’s about being around the family and giving thanks for a wonderful and safe year. Yeah that’s what some thinks about Christmas, but If you ask me, Christmas is too busy for me to really sit back and enjoy the family. Thanksgiving is the relaxing holiday to me, Of course it could be all the tripitan that’s in the turkey that relaxes me, but oh well. So this beckons a question, what do YOU think about Thanksgiving? Is it all about the football, or is it the time of the year that you sit back with your wonderful, crazy, sometimes annoying family and really enjoy the season? Give me your thoughts…


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